Stephen Jackson On Dillon Brooks: “I Guess If You Offend LeBron James, Everybody Gets Mad”

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Brandon Dill


Dillon Brooks wasn’t at loss for words going after LeBron James during their first-round playoff matchup. However, it came back to bite him as the Memphis Grizzlies bowed out to the Los Angeles Lakers in six games, with Brooks only managing 10.5 points, 3.0 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game on 31.2% shooting from the field.

Not too long after their exit from the NBA playoffs, news broke that the Grizzlies have informed the 27-year old defensive standout that they do not intend to re-sign him this offseason. While a number of fans are having fun with the decision, former NBA journeyman Stephen Jackson isn’t exactly a fan of it.

Appearing on I AM ATHLETE’s “Paper Route” podcast, Jackson, who has been supportive of Brooks as of late, now exclaimed that Brooks is being treated unfairly just because of his acts toward LeBron in the playoffs.

Per Fox Sports:


“I guess if you offend LeBron, everybody gets mad. I guess when you compete against LeBron, everybody gets mad. Yeah, he got a chip on his shoulder. Yeah, he might say some things. But he ain’t the first player to do that. Ron Artest did it, I did, Draymond [Green] does it. I don’t agree with them coming out and saying that sh*t.”


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