Stephen Curry’s Cheesy TV Show At Davidson Should Never Be Forgotten

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Stephen Curry’s Cheesy TV Show At Davidson Should Never Be Forgotten


There was a time, when Stephen Curry wasn’t a global superstar, but the regular college kid, like most of us had been as well.

Before he became a two-time MVP and three-time champion, Curry did what every college kid has done – act like a goofball.

During his days at Davidson, Curry and a couple of his friends were the stars of ‘The Davidson Show’, a sketch comedy web series. The team described their show with the following words:


“The first season of the show featured six episodes, one a month from November to April 2008. The first four had a decidedly “newsy” aspect to them, as anchors Darrell Scott ’10 and Christie Mason ’10 introduced segments and relayed stories of campus events, while Grant Clark ’10 gave an off-color weather report. Popular during these episodes were the segments “Naked at the Movies”, featuring movie reviews in the nude by Tyler “Chip” Lemons ’10 and Patrick “Fitz” Fitzgerald ’08, and “Cop Talk” featuring amusing yet informative messages by Police Chief Fountain Walker. Episode five was hosted by Bryant Barr ’10 and Stephen Curry ’10 in the middle of their March Madness run, with the season being punctuated with a wildly popular segment in which our staff took on the basketball team in a game of 2 versus 2. This creation of Craig Stewart ’09 would ultimately shift the show away from news and into a variety format.”


Most of you have seen the Davidson rap, as it went viral last year, but some of the show’s other skits and parts haven’t seen by many. They’re worth watching too. Check it out.


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