Stephen Curry Made 94 Of 100 3-Pointers At Practice


Stephen Curry Made 94 Of 100 3-Pointers At Practice


Stephen Curry hasn’t played in an NBA game since December 4, due to an ankle injury on his “bad” right ankle. Curry has now been cleared to return for tonight’s game against the Grizzlies, according to Chris Haynes of Head coach Steve Kerr said Curry will “most likely” play.

Warriors player development coach Bruce Fraser revealed that Curry made 94 out of 100 3-pointers at a practice this week.


“I would say for him, that’s a really good number. I’m not saying that’s his best. Ninety-six is his best ever. But 94 basically shows you that he’s in a good rhythm. He’s shooting well. You can’t say, ‘Oh, he should be back because he shot a 94.’ You can’t say that. He has to go up and down. There’s stamina involved. There’s force and exertion on his ankle. Those things that exist in a game don’t exist in spot shooting. … He’s been doing more stuff that pushed his wind a little bit — more running, more movement than normal in the season. The workouts have been more geared toward being able to get him back to being in shape and being able to move with no pain. Pain’s always been that threshold. He was able to move really freely that day, with very little pain. At the end, I thought he was going to be tired, and he made 94 out of 100. It was a pretty good workout.” (Via The Chronicle:)


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