Stephen A. Smith Wants Klay Thompson To Team Up With LeBron James In Los Angeles


Klay Thompson remains a threat on the court and a player who cannot be left unguarded. However, Thompson’s performance this season hasn’t been as good as what’s usually expected from him, mainly because his shots are not falling as they used to.

Although Thompson seems to be recovering his rhythm as of late, the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter is still averaging just 15.7 points per game, marking the second-lowest scoring average in his career, and he’s hitting this mark with a field goal percentage of only 40.7%, which is the least efficient he has ever been.

Bearing this in mind, renowned NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith now has an idea for the 33-year-old Warriors veteran. He thinks Thompson could benefit from playing for the Los Angeles Lakers alongside LeBron James, considering LeBron’s passing skills and his knack for thriving with shooters.


“The one place I wanna see Klay Thompson in, is LA. Let LeBron James have that brother to throw the basketball to and watch what that dude does. Klay is still special.”


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