Stephen A. Smith Blames Luka Doncic For Dallas Mavericks’ Struggles: “He Is Sorely Lacking”

Photo Credit: Tony Gutierrez/AP/DPA


The Dallas Mavericks spent most of the season cruising along as a borderline playoff team in the Western Conference. Acquiring Kyrie Irving before the NBA trade deadline, the Mavericks themselves even believed that they were in line to become a legitimate threat in the NBA playoffs.

But in a sudden turn of events, the Mavericks find themselves currently pictured out of the play-in tournament, sitting in the 11th seed in the Western Conference with a 37-42 record. And according to the latest projections, the Mavericks now hold a 6% chance of making the playoffs.

Fans and basketball pundits are subtly pointing fingers in the face of adversity. For prominent NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith, the lion’s share of the blame belongs to Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic.


“I don’t have a single negative syllable to utter about Kyrie Irving. He is not the problem in Dallas. … Luka is the one, dare I say, that has a huge question mark hovering over him, and it’s nothing statistical.”


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