Spurs Special Forces 5: Warriors Edition

Credit: Matt Hill/Youtube

Spurs Special Forces 5: Warriors Edition


The Spurs Special Forces Team is back!

This probably is my favorite NBA based comic/cartoon series, created by the great Matt Hill.

In their new quest, the Spurs are called to help their opponents, the Golen State Warriors. Someone planted a bomb in Stephen Curry’s arm, that goes off when he shoots the ball.

Gregg Popvich, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and their robot Kawhi Leonard take on the case and find out that a group of well-known people are behind it.

It takes their everything, and a little help by good old Timmy to fight off the bad guys.



If this is the first Spurs Special Forces Team epsiode you’ve seen, I highly recommend you to watch the other episodes as well. Click here!

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