Spencer Dinwiddie Has Had Enough Of LeBron James Fans, Calls Them ‘BronSexuals’

Photo Credit: Mike Stobe / Getty Images

Spencer Dinwiddie Has Had Enough Of LeBron James Fans, Calls Them ‘BronSexuals’


LeBron fans might be too protective and sensitive when it comes to any opinion that doesn’t favor LeBron James. They tend to target and attack different analysts, celebrities or players that seem to show opposition to their favorite player. Recently, Spencer Dinwiddie became their target.

It wasn’t serious and started out as a simple disagreement. Sports Center put up a LeBron highlight clip on Twitter to which Dinwiddie stated that LeBron didn’t mean to do the move shown on the clip.



As a result, LeBron fans came to defend their favorite player and attacked Dinwiddie relentlessly, causing his tweet to blow up. Dinwiddie then followed up his tweet in a disbelief to the clout he received from the fans.






Ever since, LeBron fans haven’t stopped attacking the Brooklyn point guard. Dinwiddie, in one tweet, called these fans sensitive for constantly roasting him.




Everything has to stop at one point. Once Dinwiddie had enough, he resorted to name-calling, calling them ‘bronsexuals’. At the same time, his most recent tweet also posed a face-saving solution that seemingly opposes his first tweet about LeBron’s highlight clip.




LeBron fans may have successfully defended LeBron – Still, Dinwiddie has had the last laugh this season when the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers with him dropping 23 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists while filling up an injured Kyrie Irving’s shoes.

We might see more of Dinwiddie slander coming from these LeBron fans in the future.

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