Sixers With $308k Per Day Threat To Ben Simmons: Eventually, He’ll Show Up

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Sixers With $308k Per Day Threat To Ben Simmons: Eventually, He’ll Show Up


Ben Simmons averaged 11.9 points and shot a lackluster 34.2% from the charity stripe throughout the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Looking at these numbers, it becomes easier to tell why Simmons has been on the receiving end of criticism despite his added rebounding, defense and facilitating.

His disappointing postseason performance had the Sixers trying to trade him – and not only that, they appeared to be shopping him to various teams.

Simmons, who still is one of the best young point guards and defenders in this league understandably is mad at the Sixers and their statements about him, which now led to Simmons wanting to be traded. He isn’t answering phone calls and does not plan to report to Sixers training camp.

But according to reporter Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times in Philadelphia, the Sixers are no longer looking for a deal for the All-Star and have accepted that they will not receive what they want for him.

Additionally, the Sixers are under the impression that once Simmons is aware he is no longer on the trade table, he will have to show up.

If not, they intend to fine him for every day he doesn’t attend training camp, preseason and games, which will be at around $308,000 each day.


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