Shaq’s Rap Battle With Damian Lillard Was ‘Just For Fun’

Shaq’s Rap Battle With Damian Lillard Was ‘Just For Fun’


A couple of weeks ago, Damian Lillard said that he was basketball’s best rapper in an interview. This led to Shaquille O’Neal disagreeing, and putting out a diss-track on Dame, to which Lillard responded with a diss track of his own, while going hard and had some unreal lines.

As expected though, there are no hard feelings between the two. It was all fun and games.

Shaq told the Rolling Stone:


“The thing that went on for me and him was just for fun,” Shaq declared at this week’s “NBA on TNT American Express Road Show” event in Los Angeles. “I think he’s really, really good and he’s very talented. We had fun.”

“We all come from the same place,” O’Neal says, diplomatically. “My thing is, if you say you’re better than me, I accept the challenge. If he says ‘I look better than you,’ then okay, I gotta hit the gym and work out; if he says ‘My shoes are whiter than yours,’ then I gotta go to the store and pick out a better pair. Other people take that stuff personally but I don’t,” he explains. “If you challenge me, I’ll step up to the challenge.”

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