Scottie Pippen Thinks Carmelo Anthony Would Be A Great Fit For The Lakers

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Scottie Pippen Thinks Carmelo Anthony Would Be A Great Fit For The Lakers


These past few seasons haven’t really been ideal for Carmelo Anthony.

After a rough year in Oklahoma City, Melo was traded to the Atlanta Hawks in a three-way deal, but never played a minute for the Hawks, and was bought out of his contract. Houston then signed him and was hopeful that he could improve their team.

That only lasted a couple of weeks. Carmelo Anthony already is done in Houston. As we can clearly see, Anthony definitely wasn’t the sole problem of the team.

The 10-time All-Star is still a member of the Rockets, but will become eligible to be traded on December 15th. The Los Angeles Lakers have been rumored to be among the teams interested in Melo, not least because he is a close friend of LeBron James.

Former NBA superstar Scottie Pippen believes that Anthony could be a key for the Lakers in their quest for a deep playoff run:


“I think this would be a great fit for Carmelo. LeBron is the one player that can kind of revise his career, can set him up for success.

And I think Carmelo has to now take a step back and realize where he is as a player. Be willing to come off the bench, be willing to sacrifice. I think some of the things that he’s said has caused him not to be in the league today. I don’t feel like his play has played him out of the game, yet.

…. I think that the Lakers could use him. I think the low-post scoring that Carmelo is capable of could help them, and also be a passer out of it. I do see some value for him coming to the Lakers.”



​Melo’s game is rapidly decreasing, which is normal when players get to a certain age and aren’t named LeBron James (how is this even possible?). But Melo’s inability to change his game and become relevant in a lesser role, or his inabilty to accept the decrease of his on-court talents, has made it harder for him, than for other former star players, like Gasol, Nowitzki, or Carter. This would have to change, otherwise he wouldn’t be much of a help to any team.

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