Rookie Problems – Jaylen Brown’s Car Got Popcorned

Photo Credit: Credit: AP Photo

Rookie Problems – Jaylen Brown’s Car Got Popcorned


After their win against the Minnesota Timberwolves last night, Boston Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown got pranked by his team-mates.

This is a classic and happens at least once a year, but when it’s your car, you probably still get angry.



Brown is out for revenge though, saying

“I’ll get y’all back”



He also had a funny caption on Instagram, asking people if they needed some popcorn.

“Good one ! I was gone watch a movie tonight anyway .. who need some 🍿 Tonight ? I gotchu”


It has happened to many before, and will happen to many in the future. Rudy Gobert once had his car popcorned as well. Nik Stauskas even got his whole appartment popcorned back in the day, by DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Reggie Evans.


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