Ronnie 2K Was Forced To Talk About NBA Player Ratings At Harrison Barnes’ Wedding

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Ronnie 2K Was Forced To Talk About NBA Player Ratings At Harrison Barnes’ Wedding


Harrison Barnes’ wedding truly was special.

Not only did a record amount of NBA players (over 40) attend the wedding, it also was due for a lot of controversy. Stephen Curry’s ‘LeBron mocking dance’ caused a lot of hype this offseason, but was most likely overhyped and not as big of a deal as people hoped for it to be.

Curry’s after-party, where he joined a random house party to down some beers, or Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle playing the piano.

Now, a new story that took place during Barnes’ wedding went public.

One of the guests, Ronnie Singh, better known as Ronnie2K, who is the marketing director at 2K Sports, was forced to address NBA2K18 player ratings at the wedding, because he was forced to by Wesley Matthews and Rick Carlisle.

Matthews found out that his rating was at 83, and he wasn’t satisfied with it (even though 83 is generous for him after his underwhelming last season, if you ask me).

Ronnie told Hoops Hype:


“I was at Harrison Barnes’ wedding and a major point of contention was Wesley’s rating,” Singh said. “He found out that he was an 83 overall and he got pretty upset about it. He kept talking to Rick Carlisle about it. Well, Rick was the MC of Harrison’s reception. It got to the point that during the reception, in front of about 40 NBA players, Rick gets on the mic and says, ‘Ronnie, we have to address this rating thing right now. You need to come up here.’

“So during the reception, I’m up there in front of these 40 NBA players explaining why the ratings are the way they are and how they’re determined. And I’m thinking, ‘This guy is in the middle of celebrating his wedding!’ Harrison’s wife was probably like, ‘I’m going to murder Ronnie after this reception.’ (laughs) They’re both amazing people – just a great couple – but I just kept thinking, ‘This is not the proper place for this!’ But Rick orchestrated it, so unfortunately I had to participate.”


It has become ridiculous how NBA players complain or brag about their 2k ratings. Joel Embiid basically started the trend two years ago. But even though this may have been an uncomfortable situation for Singh, it is great marketingwise for his company.


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