Richard Jefferson Savagely Handled Hecklers By Addressing Their Girlfriends

Photo Credit: Matteo Marchi/Getty Images


Richard Jefferson was one of the most articulate and well-spoken people in the entire NBA, but also one of its biggest savages ever, let’s have a look back to one of his funniest stories.

Back when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Richard Jefferson and Allie Clifton were answering fan questions on the Road Trippin’ Podcast on FOX Sports, and Jefferson revealed his favorite strategy when it comes to handling hecklers. It involves their girlfriends/wives.

RJ’s favorite way of shutting down hecklers is by addressing their girlfriends, telling them that they are underachieving.


“This was back in my day when I was scoring a lot of points and somebody was harassing me – some guy, who was sitting front row with his girl, trying to show off. He’s chirping, chirping, and you don’t want to give these people attention, cause all they really want is a story…

He’s like ‘Jefferson, you suck!’, and you’re like… you don’t look at him. You look directly at his girl like ‘hey! Is that your guy?’ and she kinda smiles, and starts blushing, and he wants to brag like ‘yeah, that’s my girl, bla bla bla’, so then look straight at her and go ‘you’re underachieving!’ and you just keep going and walk away. His whole day, his mind is screwed, and her mind is screwed.”


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