Revisiting The Craziest Bet Before The Season – $18K On Kings To Win It All; Not So Crazy Anymore?!


Before the start of this current NBA season, we reported about a Sacramento Kings fan, who first bet $10,000 on the Sacramento Kings to win the 2022-23 NBA Championship, before doubling down on his bet and added another $8,000 on them to win it all a couple of weeks later.

If the Kings end up winning the title, the bettor would make $10.3 million.

Back then, we called the bet insane. $18k on a team that’s projected to finish last in its division, and a team that currently holds the record in all of American Pro Sports for the longest active playoff draught? A waste of money…

Now, half a year later… we can’t be so sure of that any longer. 

Mike Brown, De’Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis and the ‘Light the Beam’ culture have put the Kings back on the map. They currently are the second seed in the western conference, while being 13 games above .500, and with the regular season in its final stages, we’ve just seen too many games to still call it a fluke.

It already is the biggest ‘feel-good’ story of the season, and the bettor can now be a lot more hopeful to actually get an insane payday.

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