Reggie Miller Opens Up About Malice At The Palace: “People Were Calling In Bomb Threats”


Today marks the 19th anniversary of Malice at the Palace –  the most infamous brawl in NBA history.

Before its 15th anniversary four years ago, Pacers legend Reggie Miller opened up about the infamous night, during an appearance on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’. Miller didn’t play in the actual game, but ended up being suspended for a game after he also entered the stands.

Miller said he wasn’t concerned for the team’s safety during the altercation, but when the Pacers returned later in the season.


“When we played them again and had to come to the Palace, that’s when the issues of safety , because people were calling in bomb threats. There were supposed to be hitmen and assassins, it was, like, crazy. We had to stay on the bus – I’m not kidding you – two hours, we couldn’t even go into the Palace the next time we came to play the Pistons because there were so many bomb scares. The police presence was unbelievable.”


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