Rajon Rondo Highlights How LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Align With His Own Basketball IQ and Approach To The Game


Rajon Rondo excels at basketball, more through his cerebral approach than through sheer physical prowess. With his high basketball IQ, he knows how to get by defenses and set up the offense to get a leg up and secure wins.

Recently, Rondo was a guest on the “Old Man & The Three” podcast where he delved into his unique approach to the game. He emphasized his focus on outcoaching the coach and reminisced about how he and former Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James strategized during the 2020 NBA playoffs.

Podcast host JJ Redick revisited this previous conversation and asked Rondo what it was like to play against LeBron before they became teammates in LA. The veteran NBA point guard responded by saying LeBron was essentially the team’s coach. 

Adding another layer to the conversation, Rondo also tipped his hat to Lakers icon Kobe Bryant. Like LeBron, Kobe was another player whom Rondo believes had the capability to effectively serve as a coach while on the court.


 “He was the coach,” Rondo said when questioned about competing against LeBron in the Eastern Conference. “Same thing with Kobe. I would say the same thing with Kobe.”


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