Portland City Commissioner Says Blazers Are At Risk Of Being Moved

Photo Credit. Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Portland City Commissioner Says Blazers Are At Risk Of Being Moved


Ever since the Seattle Super Sonics left town in 2008 to be moved to Oklahoma City and rebranded as the Thunder, former players, fans, and the NBA world in general have voiced their opinion to bring the NBA back to Seattle.

The city and its fans are too great to not have a hoops squad. But will the neighboring Portland Trail Blazers of all teams, be the one moved to Seattle? It may seem unthinkable, but could become reality.

After Blazers owner Paul Allen’s passing, Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish believes the team is at risk of being moved upon the team’s upcoming sale.


“The clear sense I’ve received from Blazers management is that this team will be put on the block at some point,” he said, per John Canzano of The Oregonian. “I’ve been told the estate will take about five to six years to be settled. We expect the team will be put on the market.

It’s a huge wildcard and it reminds us we can’t take anything for granted in the Rose Quarter. We have to do everything we can to make clear to a future owner that we want the Trail Blazers to stay here.”


Losing the Blazers would be horrible for the city of Portland and its great fans. If the team would indeed be relocated after being sold, and the franchise’s new home wouldn’t be Seattle but, let’s say, Louisville, the sports-mad Pacific Northwest wouldn’t have an NBA team.

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