Phoenix Suns’ Owner Mat Ishbia Says Suns’ Future Is Still Bright: ’26 GMs Would Trade Their Whole Team For Ours’


In the wake of the Phoenix Suns’ early playoff exit, owner Mat Ishbia has made a strikingly confident assertion about the value of his team. Despite being swept in the first round by the Minnesota Timberwolves, Ishbia believes that the Suns’ roster is highly coveted across the league.


“Ask the other 29 GMs, 26 of them would trade their whole team for our whole team, our draft picks, and everything as is,” Ishbia stated.


This bold claim comes at a time when the Suns are facing scrutiny over their playoff performance and future direction.

The Suns, who have been short on first-round picks after acquiring star players like Bradley Beal and Kevin Durant, are also facing cap space challenges. Ishbia’s statement reflects a strong belief in the team’s core and its potential to compete at the highest level.

Ishbia’s confidence isn’t just bravado; it’s backed by a series of strategic moves that have shaped the Suns’ roster. The trades that brought in Beal and Durant, along with the development of Devin Booker, have positioned Phoenix as a team with a formidable trio capable of contending for championships.

Moreover, Ishbia’s vision extends beyond the immediate season. He emphasizes the importance of continuity, consistency, and the process of building a team.


“We’ll be better next year than we were this year,” he assured.


The Suns’ owner is playing the long game, focusing on sustainable success rather than short-term gains.

The statement by Ishbia may seem exaggerated to some, especially given the Suns’ recent playoff performance. However, it underscores a larger truth about the NBA: the constant pursuit of excellence and the belief that with the right pieces, any team can rise to the top.

As the Suns enter the offseason, all eyes will be on how they navigate their financial constraints and roster decisions. Ishbia’s bold claim has set high expectations for the team’s future, and it remains to be seen how the Suns will respond to this challenge.

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