Paul George: ‘I Wasn’t Good Enough The Past Year’

Photo Credit: Getty/ESPN Sportcenter

Paul George: ‘I Wasn’t Good Enough The Past Year’


Most people think that with Paul George joining the Oklahoma City Thunder, he has been downgraded to a second option.

But not according to George himself, whose goal is to win the MVP award.

At the Nike NBA statement jersey reveal, George was the model to represent the new Thunder jersey. Before the reveal, PG talked to NBA TV’s Dennis Scott, and told him about his goal to win MVP next season.

In order to win the MVP award, George has to drastically improve. But if we believe his latest Instagram post, he knows that himself.

In the post, PG shouted out Ryan Capretta, the founder of the training center ‘Proactive Sports Performance’. George reached out to Capretta after the Pacers got swept by the Cavs in this past season’s playoffs . George’s caption:


About this summer… I contacted my guy Ryan Capretta @proactivesp immediately after losing in the playoffs and told him I’m on a mission this year to be the best. I wanted him to challenge me and push me harder than I’ve ever been pushed before. I knew I wasn’t good enough the past year and wanted to give my team more. Didn’t know I was gonna be traded but what happened, happened. Now I’m faced with the same mission to be the best playing along side the best and damn I’m excited about that! I got better and stronger fasho. Only time would tell. Thanks to everyone over at Proactive who also helped the kid! #ThunderUp #WhatAreYouCapableOf #PG1 #NoBrakes #TilICollapse


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