Patrick Beverly Allegedly Sent ‘Plant’ To Ask Question About Himself At Orlando Magic Press Conference


Patrick Beverley has made a name for himself with his pesky defense, intangibles and trash-talking. He excels in areas that aren’t reflected in stats, and that’s what teams sign him for.

The gritty guard doesn’t back down from anyone, and also is a trash-talker and one of the biggest ‘cappers’ in the NBA. Combine all these things and you have a recipe for pure entertainment, and a great an entertaining podcast.

His podcast now reportedly caused a bizarre incident in Orlando. Orlando Magic reporter Dilan Bosh has alleged that Beverley sent a “plant” to their press conference to ask a question about himself.

Bosh made the claim on Twitter, stating that after the Magic’s game against the 76ers, a reporter who is not normally at the Magic’s press conferences, asked Wendell Carter if they pay any attention to the things Patrick Beverley says, as he had just tweeted about them.

Beverly then used the exact clip of the question, as well as Carter’s response on his podcast. NBA fans have since found out that man in question actually is a friend of the show’s co-host.


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