Patrick Beverley Says He Would Rather Take Domantas Sabonis Over Anthony Davis


Patrick Beverley, who teamed up with Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers, used to always have Davis’ back. But when it comes to picking between Davis and Sacramento Kings big man Domantas Sabonis, Beverley has a different take.

Davis is a force to be reckoned with and has always held his own against other top big men. However, Sabonis seems to be Davis’ kryptonite, as the 31-year-old Lakers big man remains winless against him, boasting an absurd 0-10 record.

This ongoing losing streak against Sabonis has sparked discussions among fans and analysts. The debate centers on who the better player is and who would an individual ultimately want on their team. Beverley joins this conversation, and says he would prefer to have the European big man.


“Sabonis,” he replied. “Is that the perfect way to answer it? … That’s my truth though.”


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