Patrick Beverley On Joining The Milwaukee Bucks: “Gotta Get My Relationship Right With Dame”


Over the years, Patrick Beverley and Damian Lillard have butted heads quite a bit, with Beverley really getting into the thrill of trying to shut down the superstar point guard. Now, their rivalry takes a surprising turn as they become teammates on the Milwaukee Bucks.

The change came at Thursday’s trade deadline, as Beverley was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Bucks. Fans and commentators couldn’t help but joke about the trade, especially remembering how just a year ago, Beverley and Lillard were not holding back in their trash talk.



But Beverley, always one to speak his mind, addressed the buzz directly. He’s keen on patching things up with Lillard now that they’re both playing in Milwaukee.


Pat: “It’s [Damian Lillard], Giannis… I gotta get my relationship right with Dame… It’s time to win a championship.”


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