One-Year Rental! DeMarcus Cousins Is The Warriors’ Charity Case

Photo Credit: NBC Sports

One-Year Rental! DeMarcus Cousins Is The Warriors’ Charity Case


This summer, DeMarcus Cousins shocked the world when he signed a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the back-to-back Champions, the Golden State Warriors.

Just when we thought the West was about to become competitive again, after LeBron signed with the Lakers, another All-Star joined the Dubs. When Cousins returns from his injury, Golden State will have a starting five, solely consisting out of All-Stars.

But it turns out that Boogie basically only is a charity case for them. At least that’s the feeling I get when reading between the lines of Steve Kerr’s latest stament about Cousins.


“We’re not going to have money to sign him next year so we’d like to help him win a championship and sign a great contract somewhere else.”



Cousins seems to only be a one-year rental. He’ll win his ring and will likely move on… maybe even back to New Orleans? The Pelicans All-Star, Anthony Davis, told ESPN’s The Undefeated that he has hopes for Cousins to return to New Orleans after this season.


“He will be a free agent next year. Hopefully, down the line we can reconnect,”


If Cousins can eliminate injury concerns this season, he will definitely get paid with more money than the Warriors can spend (and it seems that they’re trying to keep Klay Thompson on board too, so that leaves only minimal doubts about Boogie’s departure).

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