Norris Cole Agrees Chris Bosh Was The More Important Player Than LeBron James During Big 3 Era


Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem caused a stir recently by claiming Chris Bosh was more important than LeBron James during the team’s Big 3 era. Now, it seems he’s not alone. Former Heat guard Norris Cole apparently agrees.

There’s no doubting LeBron was the team’s best player, and Bosh a fantastic third option. However, both Haslem and Cole have the same reasons and arguments for why they believe Bosh was the more important player.


“Nobody is Bron, but D-Wade can put on a clinic and put 35….for a couple series if we needed him too. If CB was out for too long, we had nobody else like him.” 



This opinion however doesn’t sit well with everyone. While Bosh’s contribution to the Heat was undeniable, LeBron and the team still managed to win the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers in 2012 when Bosh wasn’t playing Additionally, the Heat secured the title in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals even though Bosh went scoreless.

The debate about who is more important remains fascinating. Ultimately, weighing their individual contributions may be left up to each person’s interpretation.

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