Nick Young Calls For LeBron James, Stephen Curry And Kevin Durant To Unite For One Final Run


This year’s NBA playoffs have been anything but typical. Fans are used to seeing LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant dominate and lead their teams deep into the postseason. This year, however, younger stars have stolen the spotlight.

LeBron managed just one win before bowing out, Durant got swept, and Curry didn’t even make it to the playoffs. This has sparked conversations about the potential end of an era for these legendary players and the rise of a new generation.

Considering this shift, former NBA journeyman Nick Young has offered an intriguing idea. Young thinks LeBron, Durant and Curry need to team up together for one final run.


“I think all three of them need to come together,” Young said. “That’d be good. I don’t see him [Curry] leaving the Warriors so that’s why it could be [in the Bay]. But they are playing on the USA Team together this year… One last hurrah.”


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