Next Curse? Lil B Issues Warning For Lonzo Ball

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

Next Curse? Lil B Issues Warning For Lonzo Ball


Ever since the curses of James Harden and Kevin Durant have been lifted, there isn’t an NBA player who is currently cursed by rapper Lil B. This is kind of boring, because as stupid as it sounds, the curse has always had its effect on the player, as no cursed player ever won the NBA championship.

This dry period though seems to be ending soon. Lil B issued an official warning to Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo Ball and his father LaVar apparently ripped rapper legend Nas, much to the dislike of Lil B.



As funny as it sounds, Lakers fans are already begging Lil B for mercy. They’re scared that Lonzo will be cursed.



While no-one should be taking this seriously, it’s some great off-season content. Lil B has always seemd to stay relevant due to his curses, not his music. Maybe he’s cursed, too…

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