NBA Twitter Reacts To The Jimmy Butler Practice Situation

Photo Credit: Getty Images

NBA Twitter Reacts To The Jimmy Butler Practice Situation


After the whole Jimmy Butler taking out his frustrations on his teammates, coaches and general manager Scott Layden news broke, the NBA world was pretty torn up. Some called Butler’s reaction unprofessional and selfish, others loved the way how Butler just wants to win, no matter what.

While I think the way Butler did it indeed was somewhat unprofessional, I’m a big fan of his and also believe that some of the young Wolves were in need of some ass whoopin’ and a reality check.

Redditor im__new__here found a great take, explaining the Butler situation on Twitter:


“Butler is a 30th overall pick from an awful upbringing who worked his ass off to become a superstar. Can you imagine how unbelievably tilting it must be to be around these gifted #1 overall talent kids who care more about getting new Fortnite skins and eating candy than they do about getting better at basketball?”


Either way, the entire NBA world was reacting on Twitter and got their popcorns ready:

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