NBA Twitter Collectively Didn’t Believe Draymond Green’s Retirement Statement For One Second And Reacted Accordingly


Yesterday, in the newest episode of his podcast, Draymond Green revealed that, after the incident, that led to an indefinite suspension, Adam Silver talked him out of retirement:


“I told him, ‘Adam this is too much for me. … This is too much. It’s all becoming too much for me — and I’m going to retire.’ And Adam said, ‘You’re making a very rash decision and I won’t let you do that.’

We had a long, great conversation — very helpful to me. Very thankful to play in a league with a commissioner like Adam who’s more about helping you than hurting you; helping you than punishing you. He’s more about the players.”



While it may possible that Green simply needed fresh material for the comeback of his podcast on The Volume. After all, he recently signed a new contract with the company, no one really took it seriously to begin with.

NBA Twitter collectively responded by making fun of his statement.



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