NBA Twitter Argues If Devin Booker Got Robbed Of Bubble MVP

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NBA Twitter Argues If Devin Booker Got Robbed Of Bubble MVP


Damian Lillard has taken his game to the next level since arriving at the NBA Bubble. Leading the Portland Trail Blazers to a 6-2 record, tallying 37.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 9.6 assists per game on 49.7% shooting from the field, Lillard became the easy choice for the Most Valuable Player of the Bubble.

There’s no doubt that Lillard has done enough to win the bubble’s MVP. However, there seems to be a lot of noise coming from the opposition who campaigned for Devin Booker to win the MVP. After it was announced that Lillard has won the award, NBA Twitter came out strong in the side of Booker.


While people could embrace the decision that Lillard won over Booker, some fans just couldn’t gauge the idea how Booker, who also had a strong argument to win the award, didn’t get a single first-place vote for MVP, making Lillard as the unanimous choice.


The Phoenix Suns were on the brink of missing the playoffs, and the odds were heavily stacked against them when the season restarted in Orlando. In other words, nobody expected the Suns and Booker to give the rest of the teams a run for their money, but they still came a long way.

While Booker definitely got contributions from his teammates, the 23-year old shooting guard still averaged 30.5 points, 4.9 rebounds and 6.0 assists per game on 50.3% shooting from the field, showed a tremendous display of closing out games, and was the clear cut leader and first option that spearheaded a Suns team that went undefeated in their seeding games.

Booker and the Suns could only do so much, it was unfortunate for them that the verdict of their season came in the hands of the Brooklyn Nets. They had a great run and made the bubble even more exciting. They eventually came up short, but the Suns definitely have a bright future ahead of them with Booker in charge.

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