NBA Twitter Absolutely Roasted Jason Whitlock For ‘Revealing’ Disreputable Search Histor While Criticizing ESPN


Seasoned commentator, writer, and television personality, Jason Whitlock hasn’t produced the most positive headlines since his ESPN departure, not least due to going at numerous people, from Doris Burke, all the way to leading Finals MVP Nikola Jokic.

Whitlock now has found himself as a joke figure of NBA Twitter, due to him likely not being as internet-savvy as he thought.

In a Tweet, Whitlock tried to blame ESPN for an ad, that definitely showed up on his desktop due to his search history, as it was a targeted ad.


“I’m looking at NFL standings on” He wrote. “This is the ad running above the standings. How is this possible? Appropriate?”


As you can imagine, the internet had loads of fun with Whitlock’s mishap and went to work.


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