NBA Referee Bill Kennedy – The Real MVP

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NBA Referee Bill Kennedy – The Real MVP


Most of the time, the focus during NBA games is on the players (obviously), or on the coaches. Referees only get to be in the spotlight when they make mistakes or crucial decisions. NBA Referee Bill Kennedy on the other side, should be more popular. You could fill an entire highlight reel with his actions on the court. A Bill Kennedy Top 10! Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes not – most of the times though, it is funny. He gets elbowed, knocked down, knocked out, he dances, he makes funny calls, he is humping, he attempts hilariously bad passes, he is stalling for commercial and so on. He is the real deal. A true showman, who should be in the spotlight more often.

Check out some of his highlights:


A really, really bad pass attempt:


Getting elbowed:


Getting knocked down:


Stalling for commercial:





Getting knocked out:

Blowing his whistle over 2 seconds after witnessing the illegal contact:



We will have a close look whenever he is on the court, for future highlights. Thank you, Bill Kennedy!

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