NBA Offseason Grades – Magic & Sixers

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Offseason Grades – Magic & Sixers



The Magic didn’t make much noise this offseason, but did make some nice acquisitions that will help them this season. Crazily enough, a playoff spot could be possible, although unlikely. They have a decent roster but nothing that will scare other contenders in the East. They’ve brought in Aaron Afflalo, D.J Augustine, Terrence Ross, Maureese Speights and Jonathon Simmons to bolster their overall squad. The Magic will improve on last campaign which is a positive for the organization. They’ll be hoping Aaron Gordon has a breakout year also.



The Philadelphia 76ers are coming. They’ve trusted the process for a while and it finally looks like the 76ers are a real shot at making the playoffs for the first time in a long time. The 76ers drafted scoring guard Markelle Fultz as welcomed back Ben Simmons who is like another draft pick in itself. Joel Embiid will also likely be healthy sooner rather than later to take to the floor as well. Their young talent isn’t the only thing that’s exciting Philly fans however. They’ve also assembled a nice balance veteran talent to lead the young guys as well. Not just vets either, but very productive pieces still making their mark in the league. Amir Johnson and JJ Reddick are those guys, and Justin Anderson also joins the franchise to booster their defensive stocks and depth. The future is looking bright for the organization, another summer of progression.

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