NBA Launches ‘Red Zone’ Similar Format Across Europe

NBA Launches ‘Red Zone’ Similar Format Across Europe


Remember when The Starters and TNT’s Ernie Johnson produced a funny little skit of how NFL’s RedZone show would transform into an NBA format? Here’s a little reminder:



Well, even though this obviously was an exaggeration, it’s tough to argue it doesn’t work on some level. The good thing is, we will find out, starting tonight. Well, at least if you live in Europe or in the Middle East, for now.

In a press statement released by the NBA earlier today, the NBA and DAZN announced the launch of ‘NBA 360’.

NBA 360 is ‘a single curated, multi-view broadcast that will feature the most exciting moments from nine live NBA games.’

NBA 360 will include expert commentary and live coverage of the night’s games, including marquee match-ups. This special live broadcast will jump from game-to-game following the best action and the biggest plays of the night. NBA 360 will be broadcasted by the NBA’s official broadcast partners across Europe and the Middle East.

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