The NBA Can Be Cruel – Cavs Likely To Cut Richard Jefferson

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The NBA Can Be Cruel – Cavs Likely To Cut Richard Jefferson


Fifteen seasons, two lost finals, seven teams, 32,516 minutes played, 14,426 points and finally on the eve of his 36th birthday Richard Jefferson was an NBA champion.

Then, overwhelmed with feelings RJ announced his retirement the same day, but reversed his decision a couple of weeks later, knowing that he will still be able to perform on a high level. Cavaliers fans and players were very happy about this desicion, as Jefferson had been a key-player off the bench during the franchise’s historic first Championship season.

Jefferson became what we call a glue-guy within the Cavs. He is a vocal leader on and off the court and really identifies himself with the franchise and city of Cleveland. After winning the championship, Jefferson even called the Cavaliers a family:


“This is a family. We live in, essentially, a biosphere with only ourselves for most of the year. Of course, guys are going to get mad at each other and fight, just like brothers and sisters do. That doesn’t mean we’re not family.”


It seems as Richard Jefferson will leave this family before the start of the new season. Only this time, it won’t be his decision.

See, the Cleveland Cavaliers have 16 players with guaranteed contracts in training camp, but only 15 players are allowed to make the roster. One player has to be the odd man out, and it seems that this man will be Richard Jefferson.

Unlike the couple of last seasons, the Cavaliers have a lot of depth on their wings. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Jae Crowder, J.R. Smith, Kyle Korver, Jeff Green, Iman Shumpert, and Cedi Osman.

According to various reports, the Cavaliers would prefer to trade Jefferson, rather than buying him out, in order to save money. Jefferson is on a $2.5 million contract but with the repeater luxury tax coming, he will end up costing them $10.5 million if they keep him or reach a buyout. If Jefferson will indeed be the odd man out, I believe he will retire for good.

The NBA can be cruel at times. The team loves Jefferson, the fans love Jefferson and Jefferson loves them. But this doesn’t matter when it comes to business decisions.

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