Montrezl Harrell Absolutely Destroys Regulars At LA Fitness

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Montrezl Harrell Absolutely Destroys Regulars At LA Fitness


It’s always funny how many people underestimate how good any single player in the NBA is. Even the last guy off the bench who is in and out of the rotation is so much better than any non-pro, and it isn’t even close.

Most people don’t realize that even a 40+ year old former NBA player will dominate anyone who never made it to that level.

Just like a couple of years ago, when a high school basketball player had to learn this the hard way when he challenged former NBA player Brian Scalabrine to a game of one-on-one. Scal won 11-0 and didn’t even break a sweat. Scalabrine also once famously told a college kid who challenged him “I’m closer to LeBron than you are to me,” and he’s 100% right.

Washington Wizards big man Montrezl Harrell now proved just how good NBA players are once again, when he played some regulars at an L.A. Fitness. He destroyed them badly. It simply is not fair. It should be illegal.



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