Mitchell Robinson Reveals Why He Didn’t Talk About Heartwarming Story Of Becoming Roommates With HS Coach


Last week, we reported about how Mitchell Robinson and his high school coach Butch Stockton became roommates.

Stockton’s wife, Sandra, passed away after a long illness. Grief-stricken and facing the prospect of living alone, Stockton found solace in Robinson’s unwavering support.

Touched by Stockton’s loss, Robinson extended an invitation that would change their lives.


“Coach, there’s no reason you stay down here in Louisiana anymore,” Robinson said. “Come to New York with me and enjoy yourself and get your mind back straight because you know how much you loved your wife.”


Stockton was hesitant at first, but Robinson’s genuine care and concern convinced him to accept the offer. In October 2023, Stockton moved to New York City to live with Robinson.

Now, Robinson was asked why he didn’t talk or post about this, and his response makes the entire thing even better and more heartwarming. What a great guy.


“So I’m getting a lot of questions on why I didn’t post about my high school coach coming to stay with me. Reason is because I did it for him not social media I genuinely wanted to help him stay strong and the whole situation I loved her as well she was like a mom to me.”


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