Mike Breen’s Hilarious Call: “It’s Time for Chicken!”



There are many enjoyable aspects of attending an NBA game, and one of them is the chance to get free food. NBA teams have been known to organize free food giveaways, and the Philadelphia 76ers have their own cleverly named promotion: “Bricken for Chicken.” Here’s how it works: if an opposing player misses two free throws from the charity stripe in the second half, all Philly fans win free chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A.

During the Play-In Tournament game against the Miami Heat, the moment arrived. Miami’s forward, Caleb Martin, stepped up to the free-throw line. The crowd held its breath as he prepared for his second free throw. And then, it happened—Martin missed! The Wells Fargo Center erupted in cheers, knowing that free chicken was on the way.

And who better to capture the jubilant atmosphere than ESPN’s NBA voice, Mike Breen? With impeccable timing, Breen exclaimed, “Alright, it’s that time for chicken. Free chicken…YES!” But he didn’t stop there. With a twinkle in his voice, he quipped, “It’s so easy to make people happy. Apparently, the chicken is very good. They’re not a sponsor, so we’re not allowed to mention it.”



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