Michael Jordan’s Weird ‘Iconic Tongue’ On 2K18 Will BE Fixed

Photo Credit: Jason H. Smith / Flickr Creative Commons

Michael Jordan’s Weird ‘Iconic Tongue’ On 2K18 Will BE Fixed


Did you know that tongues apparently are hard to get right in video game programing? This at least seems to be the case when we take a closer look at NBA 2K18.

Designers included Michael Jordan’s iconic tongue, which is awesome (I’m all for detail). The problem? It looks nothing like it. The tongue looks like it is coming out from beyond the lips?

This video shows the ‘bug’, have a look.



Did you know where Jordan’s iconic tongue originated? Apparently, it’s a family thing. When Michael Jordan’s father was fixing things around the house, he’d stick out his tongue. His father said that it stretched even farther back in the lineage,


“As far as I can remember it originated from my granddad. My granddad stuck his tongue out and if I’m working on my car or something around the house I find myself going [sticks tongue out] really concentrating.”


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