Michael Jordan’s Home Burglarized, Man Arrested and Charged

Photo Credit: Concierge Auctions/Stefan Savoia/MSN


Michael Jordan just can’t get rid of his Chicago mansion. One of the world’s most famous houses has now been on the market for over ten years.

The house was originally listed for $29 million and has dropped to almost half of it by now to $14.9 million.

The 56,000-square-foot 7-acre compound features a private golf course, a pool with a grass island in the middle of it, a tennis court, a full court indoor basketball court, 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a cigar room, a huge wine cellar, a fully equipped gym (seriously, this thing is huge), and a three bedroom guesthouse that is larger than an average house.

Well the aside from not being able to sell it, Michael Jordan now received some more bad news regarding the mansion.

Police arrested and charged a man that reportedly broke into the house. Officers arrested the burglar and charged him with misdemeanor counts of criminal trespassing and property damage.


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