Michael Beasley’s Car Has Been Stolen

Credit: 20th Century Fox / USA TODAY Sports

Michael Beasley’s Car Has Been Stolen


Michael Beasley, a former number two overall pick, just signed a contract with the New York Knicks. Beasley has been in and out of the league for the past couple of years. He is a really good player at times and is generally underrated due to his off-court problems.

Beasley was fined and arrested a couple of times, mostly because of drug (marijuana) related problems. He even checked into a rehab center in 2009.

Now, Beasley himself has become the vicitm of a crime. Last night, he tweeted that his car has been stolen.



For some kind of reason, mostly due to Beasley’s history of being a pothead, this reminds me of this ‘Dude, where’s my car’ scene.


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