Miami Heat Announcer Seriously Explains How The Boston Celtics Won The 2022 NBA Championship

Photo: NBA


In the 2022 NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics emerged victorious over the Golden State Warriors in a thrilling six-game series. The Celtics, led by the stellar performances of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, showcased a formidable defense and dynamic offense.

The series began with the Celtics stealing the first game on the road, setting the tone for the rest of the Finals. Despite the Warriors’ valiant efforts and Stephen Curry’s impressive scoring, Boston’s team play and strategic adjustments outmatched Golden State’s firepower.

Game 6, held at the TD Garden, was a nail-biter. With the Celtics leading the series 3-2, the Warriors fought hard to push for a Game 7. However, the Celtics, fueled by the roaring home crowd, clinched the championship with a decisive victory. Marcus Smart’s crucial steals and Al Horford’s veteran presence were pivotal in the final moments, securing the win for Boston.

As the final buzzer sounded, the Celtics celebrated their 18th championship, and the city of Boston rejoiced as the Larry O’Brien Trophy returned to its storied franchise, marking a new chapter in their illustrious history…


And yes, you’re absolutely right! The Warriors, led by an incredible Stephen Curry were able to take home the championship in a six-game series. But the fabricated story above likely is what the Miami Heat’s commentator seems to believe… and he doesn’t shy away from telling it while on air.


“Andrew Wiggins, a guy who averaged 18 points and nine rebounds per game in the 2022 NBA Finals… which they lost to the Celtics. Two years ago, it was Boston in six to win it all.”


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