Matt Barnes Allegedly Threatened Student Announcer During His Son’s High School Game

Screenshot: Stopmotionsports


There are three certainties in life: death, takes, and Matt Barnes getting into trouble with referees… and announcers.

Some things will never change. A video of former NBA bad boy, Matt Barnes with his hand on the shoulders of a student play-by-play voice emerged on social media.



After his son received a technical foul, Barnes interrupted the game by getting the attention of student announcer Jake Lancer with a touch on the student’s shoulder, while reportedly threatening him.


“This guy was on the court mid-game multiple times screaming ridiculous stuff at the refs and everyone, including myself was looking at him. We made eye contact and that was enough for him to come up to me and grip my shoulder with his hand,” Lancer said.

“He said, ‘What do you think you’re looking at?’ And I said, ‘You’re screaming, “You’re a (term for a female private part)” to the refs mid game while I’m trying to announce, don’t touch me.’ And then he said ‘I’ll slap the s*** out of you,’”



This caught the interest of Bill Simmons, who wondered why this incident didn’t become a more significant story.


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