Mark Cuban Doubles Down On Carmelo Anthony Should Have Made Team USA Statement

Photo Credit: Garrett Ellwood/National Basketball Association/Getty Images

Mark Cuban Doubles Down On Carmelo Anthony Should Have Made Team USA Statement


When Team USA training camp started, we reported that USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo said that he was approach by Anthony’s team about him playing in the World Cup, but he denied the request.

With all the stars not taking part in this year’s FIBA tournament, and with Melo’s contribution for Team USA over the past 15 years, he should have been granted an opportunity to at least be part of the training camp to convince Team USA coaches and officials.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also thought that Anthony should be on Team USA and now doubled down on his previous statement:

Per CBS Sports:


“Dirk [Nowitzki] earned the right to be a Dallas Maverick for his entire career, whether he plays 20, 21 or 51 years, and I thought Carmelo, given the impact he’s had on USA basketball, earned that same right as well. People have asked me, ‘If you wanted him so badly why didn’t you put him on the Mavs?’ Well, it’s a different game, different situation, different season. But no matter what, if you’re part of USA basketball, and the international game is such that the court is not as big, the rules are a little bit different, the 3-point line is not as far, he can contribute there. As long as you can get him to accept his role, whatever [head coach Gregg Popovich] decides he has to do, then he should be on that team. He’s earned that right. It’s not even about contribution, it’s really about the fact that Melo has been part of that team for so long.”


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