Mario Chalmers Fires Back At Tristan Thompson And Defends His LeBron James Statement

Photo Credit: Getty Images


After his statement about opponents not fearing LeBron James, Mario Chalmers has received plenty of backlash from fans and players alike.

Tristan Thompson for example, was one of Chalmers’ colleagues who took issue with it the most, saying that Chalmers was on some sucka sh*t.

Talking to reporter Scoop B Robinson, Chalmers now fired back and defended himself and his statement:


“I’m very grateful for winning a ring. I have no problem with LeBron and I’m speaking from a perspective from people in The Big 3 who played against MJ and from what others have said about LeBron. I don’t see how it’s sucka sh*t when you’re speaking on somebody’s feelings on someone else’s perspective….

…Going more into depth of my statement, you come into a Finals situation are you more fearful to face LeBron James or Michael Jordan? MJ is 6-0 in the Finals and LeBron has 4 rings. When I say players didn’t fear LeBron, LeBron has been beaten, MJ has not. When LeBron first came to the Heat, people saw him as a villain. But when you line up next to him, you’re actually fearful of him because he’s trying to prove people wrong.”


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