Marcus Smart’s Heartfelt Letter Dedicated To His Mother After Her Passing

Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Marcus Smart’s Heartfelt Letter Dedicated To His Mother After Her Passing


One of the most important features or skills in the NBA isn’t measurable nor a stat – hustle! The importance of hustle is truly underrated, but the reason we love and value players who give their all night in and night out for our team(s).

One of these players is Marcus Smart, whose real value can be seen if we take a look at the intangibles and the advanced stats. It takes a lot of heart and dedication to be a ‘hustle and glue’ guy. A lot of heart is what Smart has shown now in a letter dedicated to his mother. Unfortunately in very sad circumstances. Smart and his family are currently mourning the loss of his mother, Camellia Smart, who died after a long battle with cancer.


“Mom Mother Queen Wife Sister Aunt Daughter
all these words describe your relationships with others but they do not describe who you were
you my mom my mommy my role model my friend my glue my biggest fan and my biggest critic

you put everyone and everything before yourself
I made you a promise when I was 9 years old that I would make it and you and dad can rest
…never thought that rest would be in paradise

words can’t explain how much I love you and miss you
you’ve always taught me hold my chin up and stay strong as I’m hearing you say it while typing this
makes me cry deep inside and I feel like I’m suffocating and the person who helps me get through things [has] left me
but I know you[‘re] in a better place with no more worries no more hurt no more sadness or pain
hate to let u go but I thank god for allowing me to have one of his angles to call my mom words can’t express nor is there enough time in the world to tell u how much I love and miss u so until we meet again I say

To the strongest woman I know
Camellia Smart my mom


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