Mac McClung Complimented Kid Wearing His Jersey And The Kid Didn’t Realize It Was Him

Photo: Len Werle/OpenCourt-Basketball


While intended to be the crown jewels of All-Star Saturday, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest had been sitting in the backseat more and more in recent years.

Just too many uninteresting contests with fewer and fewer stars of the league.

While this past dunk contest’s participants from the 2023 All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City didn’t scream superstars at first glance, too, the dunk contest was somewhat saved by Trey Murphy and, more importantly, two-way player Mac McClung.

McClung’s performance not only had him win the Slam Dunk Contest, but also helped generate a hype around his person. The high flyer gained millions of social media followers and fans worldwide… all while remaining incredibly humble.

His humbleness showed once again the other day, when he saw a young fan, who was wearing his jersey, passing by. While Mac said ‘nice jersey’ the young kid continued going his way, not realizing that it was the athlete on his back himself. 

One of Mac’s friends however chased after him so that he was able to get his jersey signed after all.



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