Luke Walton Wore A ‘Popovich Kerr 2020’ Shirt And There’s A Great Story Behind Them


Luke Walton Wore A ‘Popovich Kerr 2020’ Shirt And There’s A Great Story Behind Them


This past weekend, Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton went to a volleyball tournament, what actually wouldn’t be news-worthy, if he hadn’t worn such an amazing shirt. A ‘Popovich Kerr 2020’ T-shirt.

Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr are two of the most talkative coaches in the league when it comes to stating their opinion on politics and global issues. Both aren’t the biggest supporters of president Donald Trump either, to say the least (–> ‘Gregg Popovich Rips President Donald Trump‘)

The T-shirts are made by a website called popovichkerr2020 and the money generated of the sales will be donated.


“Over the last six months, Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr, along with a few other notable NBA coaches, have consistently reacted to our ongoing political malaise with reason, empathy, and candor. We think the American people deserve better than our current political horror show. Who better than the two most beloved figures in the NBA?

100% of all net proceeds generated from this store will be donated to the ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations, International Rescue Committee, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Union of Concerned Scientists.”


You can buy the shirts here.


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