Los Angeles Clippers Unveil New Brand Identity And Logo For Next Season

Los Angeles Clippers


The LA Clippers have revealed their new brand identity, featuring a refreshed logo, colors, uniforms, and court design. The new look, which will debut in the 2024-25 NBA season, is a tribute to the team’s history and a symbol of its direction.

The new logo consists of a Clippers “C” that surrounds the points of a compass and an oncoming ship with basketball seams on the hull. The logo represents the team’s maritime roots, as well as its focus on the future. The logo also incorporates the team’s classic colors of naval blue, ember red, and Pacific blue, with a touch of black to add a modern edge.

The new uniforms include a modernized version of the iconic Clippers script that will adorn the front of the Icon and Association Edition jerseys. 

The new court design, which will be used at the team’s new home, Intuit Dome, reflects the team’s new look and identity. The court features the new logo at center court, the new wordmark on the baselines, and the new colors on the sidelines. The court also has a subtle wave pattern on the wood, echoing the team’s nautical theme.

The Clippers’ new brand identity is the result of a long journey, gathering feedback and insights from across Clipper Nation. The team listened to as many voices as possible and then engaged specialists to arrive at a timeless design that blends the team’s past and present, while looking ahead to the future.


“Our new marks are meaningful and strong, capturing our roots and our aspirations. Our new look is a reflection of who we are, where we come from, and where we want to go,” Gillian Zucker, president of business operations for the LA Clippers and Intuit Dome, said in a statement.


A limited-edition merchandise collection featuring the new logos, wordmarks, and colors is available online and at The Grove until tonight, Feb 26. This is the only chance fans will have to buy merchandise with the new brand look before the summer.


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