LeBron’s Future Plan? Play In The NBA, With His Son

Photo Credit: Lexington Herald-Leader

LeBron’s Future Plan? Play In The NBA, With His Son


LeBron James’ son, LeBron James Jr., has amazed the basketball world as of late, leading his team to an ISL title in Ohio.

Junior is already drawing attention from Kentucky and Duke, and James himself said that his 13-year-old son has a similar passing ability like he had at that age. He also said that other aspects of his son’s game are superior to what his was.


“I didn’t handle the ball as well as he does. He handles the ball exceptionally and he shoots it a lot better than I did at that age but I’ve always had the ability to pass the ball. It’s good to see him doing it as well.”


Saying he will be better than his father LeBron James, may be made up out of thin air, but it wouldn’t be too much of a surpirse to see him play in the association at some point in the future. When that day comes, be sure that LeBron senior will still be around. When asked if he’ll be able to stay in the league for that long, LeBron responded:


“If he [LeBron Junior] has a chance [to make it to the NBA], and it seems like he could make it… Got to! You got to.”


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