LeBron And Kyrie’s Big Hug After Season Opener

Photo Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron And Kyrie’s Big Hug After Season Opener


In last night’s season opener, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James were in focus, as they played their first game as opponents in more than 3 years. The two supposedly haven’t talked since Kyrie requested a trade. Earlier this year, Stephen A. Smith even claimed to have sources that LeBron wanted to ‘beat Kyrie’s ass’.

“I’ve had sources in LeBron James’ camp literally tell me, and I’m quoting—I’m quoting, Charles!—if Kyrie Irving was in front of LeBron James right now, LeBron James would be tempted, quote, to beat his ass, end quote.”

This definitely wasn’t the case last night. After the hard fought game was over, LeBron and Kyrie shared a big hug.


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